Chromarama Vol. 2

embroidery artworks


embroidery artworks for colour blindness

Following the success of the Chromarama woven tapestries, three embroidered artworks are now added to the Chromarama series. The works are new and smaller-scale interpretations of three of the tapestries. When the incidence of light changes, the sheen of the yarn creates optical illusions. The artworks are made in collaboration with colourblind embroidery artist Tegendraads.

Chromarama examines colour perception in people with colour vision deficiency, better known as colour blindness. Each work has its own function. The colours, shapes and textures are coordinated in such a way that the designs are always visible regardless of the viewer’s form of colour blindness. Chromarama vol. 1 – a series of five jacquard woven tapestries – was shortlisted as Best Homeware Design in the Dezeen Awards 2021.

the Chromarama artworks

Each artwork has its own function. The designs are always visible, regardless of the viewer’s form of impaired colour vision. The highly graphic compositions from a distance reveal a new world full of colour detail and tactility as you get closer. The interplay of colour, texture and light continues to amaze.


Concept and Design
Laura Luchtman, Kukka

Embroidery development
Thijs van Buuren, Tegendraads

Product & Set Photography
Iris Tempelaar

Set Assistant
Lynn Biesmans, Kukka

Launch Exhibition Photography
Wijnand van Till

Exhibition Sponsors
Bobby’s Gin
Pinky Rose Lemonade

Handmade Floating Frames
Wondergem Werkt


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