Mural Design

Kukka Studio Mural

surface design

For my new studio space I wanted to work with colour. The premise was the colour sea green. After finding the right shade of green, I decided to combine the colour with other colours in the form of a wall painting.

In addition to a colour statement, the mural also has to serve as a backdrop for online meetings with (potential) clients and make my studio stand out within fashion hub De Wasserij in Rotterdam.

Geometric shapes and colour areas are part of my design signature. Although I usually use these shapes on a smaller scale within textiles and others material, I now wanted to enlarge them on the wall in a large layout.

I first looked for suitable colours to accompany the chosen colour sea green. Subconsciously, I chose colours that are part of my brand identity.

Through colour studies – inspired by Josef Albers – I investigated how the colours interact and interrelate. Whether they clash or reinforce each other. In these colour studies you can clearly see how the colours change optically by juxtaposing them to certain other colours.

Based on these studies I determined the colour harmony within the design and I decided to choose a brighter shade of blue, which doesn’t disappear next to the green colour.

Colour Study for Mural
Colour Study for Mural
Colour Study for Mural
Colour Study for Mural