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since 2010

Kukka is a textile and surface design studio with a focus on experimental colour and material research. Kukka designs tailor made prints and patterns for brands and manufacturers, with a focus on a sustainable future.

Kukka {KOOK-kah} means “blossom” in the Finnish language. In spring, when nature awakens and trees start to blossom, everything starts with a fresh new energy. Prints and patterns can do the same for your surface; they are one of the most valued tools to make your products come alive.


committed to a sustaining future

Kukka’s vision for a sustaining future is circular, renewable and biobased. By creating thought-provoking approaches to textile design, colour, production and consumption Kukka aspires to change our perception and to open possibilities for a more conscious industry.

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18.06.2020 · BNR News Radio · De Ochtendspits · live interview project Design to Fade: PUMA x Living Colour

18.06.2020 · Omroep Wetering · interview project Design to Fade: PUMA x Living Colour

04.06.2020 · Dutch talkshow Studio Circulair

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