The Exploded View

Project Scope

a new, biobased way of building


After more than 4 years of research with Kukka’s biodesign project Living Colour, we teamed up with Biobased Creations for The Exploded View; a radical new look at the realisation of a home. Dissecting the endless number of applications found in a house, in order to rebuild them using circular methods and biobased materials. The materials and applications of today and the (near) future.

The Exploded View showcases the endless, potential material streams available that are not yet used in the construction world. For example, material streams from food, textiles, sewage water, buildings, or even from our own living environment.

This experimental design shares research towards materials that can keep the production circle as small and as efficient as possible.

Above all, The Exploded View is a ‘live research’ and ‘storytelling’ installation. It is a model of a detached house in which various biobased materials and circular methods are displayed side by side. The model and the life-size blueprint show all that is discovered, as well as the parts that are still missing – the question marks.

Design by Nature

exhibition about biobased housing

Design by Nature – an exhibition about building and furnishing houses using bio-based materials – showcases the inventiveness and beauty of applied art, with a basis in nature, all in a familiar domestic setting.

Nature offers us attractive, innovative, practical solutions to problems like climate change, waste, the squandering of resources, drought, and carbon emissions. Artists are experimenting with a wide range of materials and processes, and Design by Nature shows the results.

For the exhibition, we dyed a textile “shower curtain” for the scale model of the bathroom. The textile (organic cotton and ahimsa silk) is dyed with living bacteria. The bacteria are responsible for a portion of the design and manufacturing, which involves no toxic chemicals.

We use natural occurring bacteria that feed off nutrients and ferment these into pigments. The bacteria are cultivated on the textile itself while dyeing it at the same time. This live dyeing process leaves visible growth patterns on the fabric that are unique to each dye batch.

the dyed textiles before application

“How can we save the world from the climate crisis?
Is there beauty in sustainability?”


Textile Design
Laura Luchtman, Kukka

Design The Exploded View
Pascal Leboucq, Biobased Creations / Company New Heroes

Pascal Leboucq & Lucas De Man, Biobased Creations / Company New Heroes

The Exploded View is an initiative of:

BPD, Jansen by ODS, Moodumo, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Buro Kade, Dutch Design Foundation, Biobased Creations / Company New Heroes.


Building with Nature · Erasmus Huis · Jakarta (ID) · July 2022
The Exploded View · Design Museum · Ghent (BE) · April – June 2022
The Exploded View · The New Block · Eindhoven (NL) · October 2021
Design by Nature · Museum de Fundatie · Zwolle (NL) · July – October 2021


Henry van de Velde Silver Award 2022 – category design research
Dezeen Awards 2022 – sustainability shortlist

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