textile design

Soft / Solid

Project Scope

a punchy rug inspired by mouthblown glass


Soft / Solid” is a tantalising exploration of colour in mouthblown and hand-sculpted glass, created during a short glass residency in Sweden. Immersed in the artistic landscape of Sweden, I delved into the unknown realm of glass as a medium. The journey was an exploration of the nuances and intersections between liquid glass and supple textiles. The experimentation with glass colours served as inspiration for the development of a unique rug.

Guided by the interplay of opaque and transparent hues that effortlessly blend together, I created a rug that embodies Kukka’s unmistakable style: vibrant colour blocks, subtle colour gradients and a bold graphic signature. The rug brings the colour stories of the glass experiment to the floor, infusing every room in which it is placed with the vibrancy and depth of Kukka’s artistic vision.


Concept and Design
Laura Luchtman, Kukka

Rug Production


OBJECT Rotterdam

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