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Embroidered Artwork “Chromarama IV.II”


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Limited edition high-end embroidered artwork, individually finished with a spruce wood floater frame.


Edition 3 of 3
Measurements 32,5 cm (W) x 37,5 cm (H) x 4 cm (D)
Shipping Time within 2-3 work days

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Chromarama Vol. 2 is a series of three embroidered artworks specially designed for different forms of colour blindness, creating a beautiful harmony of colours that can be enjoyed by all. The aim of Chromarama is to raise awareness of the overlooked role of visual limitations in design. Make a statement with Chromarama textile artworks, and create a beautiful space that’s both inclusive and unique.

About Chromarama IV.II

This eye-catching piece of art is designed for those with blue colour blindness. Both the composition and colours are carefully crafted to ensure that they look the same to those with this type of colour vision deficit and those with full colour vision. For colour blindness simulations of this design visit the project page.




This edition of “Chromarama IV.II” is limited to 3 (+2 AP)
Part of a series of 3 artworks


Yarn: 100% viscose (OEKO-TEX®)
Canvas: twill of recycled T-shirts and organic cotton
Frame: spruce wood


Embroidered by Tegendraads.

Proof of Origin

Including a hand-signed certificate of authenticity.


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Custom designs on request.

Designed, embroidered & finished in The Netherlands.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 40 × 7 cm



32,5 cm (W) x 37,5 cm (H) x 4 cm (D)


Viscose, Organic cotton, Recycled cotton


Spruce wood floater frame


of 3 (+ 2 AP)

Production Time

2 – 3 weeks