Riso Print “Chromarama I”


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Limited edition 3-colour riso print. A3 format.
The prints are unframed and fit in any A3 frame of your choice.


Edition 90 + 3 AP
Measurements 29,7 cm (W) x 42 cm (H)
Shipping Time within 2-3 work days

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Chromarama is a series of risograph wall art specially designed for different forms of colour blindness, creating a beautiful harmony of colours that can be enjoyed by all. The aim of Chromarama is to raise awareness of the overlooked role of visual limitations in design. Make a statement with Chromarama riso prints, and add a beautiful splash of colour to your space that’s both inclusive and unique.

About Chromarama Riso I

This eye-catching piece of art is designed for those with a mild red/green colour vision defect. While some colours change appearance in hue or look a bit more muted to those with colour vision deficiency, the design is tailored to ensure both the composition and colours remain visible. For colour blindness simulations of the Chromarama designs visit the project page.

The print is made of only three colours, indicated by Kukka’s pictorial mark in the bottom left corner.

About Riso Printing

Risograph printing was developed by the Japanese company Riso and is an intermediary between digital printing and screen printing. It is an environmentally friendly stencil printing process, known for its vibrant colours (which other printers cannot produce) and its specific textures. The Riso machine delivers ‘perfect imperfections‘ when it picks up and shifts the paper, reminiscent of handmade screen prints. No print is exactly the same and these misregistrations or print marks are part of Riso’s charm.

The ink is made of fairly produced soy oil and the stencils of Japanese wax-coated paper. The machine uses very little energy as Riso printing is a cold printing process.




This edition of “Chromarama Riso I” is limited to 90 (+3 AP)
Part of a series of 3 artworks


Paper: Bio Top / natural white – 250 grs
TCF (totally chlorine-free) bleached without any optical brightening agents (OBAs), the paper retains a natural uncoated feel with an off-white shade.


Printroom Rotterdam

Proof of Origin

Hand-numbered on the front and signed on the back.

Handle with care

Riso ink never dries completely. So do not touch the printed areas. If smudges do occur, they can be easily removed with a pencil eraser.


The prints are carefully packaged and shipped flat in a reinforced cardboard envelope.

The colours may differ slightly in reality, especially the fluorescent colour pink that is used. The print looks even fresher in real life.

We offer shipping to certain countries within the EU. The cost of shipping is not included in the price. For shipping to other countries, please contact us.


Custom designs on request.

Designed & printed in The Netherlands.


Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Yellow


29,7 cm (W) x 42 cm (H)


Bio Top paper, 250 grs


90 + 3 AP

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