Tapestry “Chromarama II”


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Limited edition high-end jacquard woven tapestry, individually hand-finished with a tunnel on top and bottom and hemmed sides.

Made to order


Edition edition of 7
Measurements 150 cm (W) x 170 cm (H)
Production Time 2 – 3 months

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Chromarama is a series of five woven tapestries specially designed for different forms of colour blindness, creating a beautiful harmony of colours that can be enjoyed by all. The aim of Chromarama is to raise awareness of the overlooked role of visual limitations in design. Make a statement with Chromarama tapestries, and create a beautiful space that’s both inclusive and unique.

About Chromarama II

This eye-catching piece of art is designed for both red/green and blue colour blindness. While some colours change appearance in hue or look a bit more muted to those with colour vision deficiency, the design is tailored to ensure both the composition and colours remain visible. For colour blindness simulations of this design visit the project page.




This edition of “Chromarama II” is limited to 7 (+1 AP)
Part of a series of 5 tapestries


Weft: organic cotton, merino wool, acrylic, metallic yarn, fill yarn
Warp: fire retardant yarn


Woven and hand-finished in the renowned TextielLab of TextielMuseum Tilburg.

Proof of Origin

Including a hand-signed certificate of authenticity.


We offer shipping to certain countries within the EU. The cost of shipping is not included in the price. To guarantee the safety of the tapestry, shipping will be done through FedEx or UPS. For shipping to other countries, please contact us.


Different finishes or custom designs are available on request.

Designed, woven & finished in The Netherlands.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 13 × 13 cm

150 cm (W) x 170 cm (H)


Organic cotton, Merino wool, Acrylic, Metallic yarn, Fill yarn, Fire retardant yarn


Hemmed sides, Tunnel on top and bottom


of 7 (+ 1 AP)

Production Time

2 – 3 months

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